Pepper Glory

There are no words to express the jubilation that I feel in my heart today.  My dear, dear friend Tracy gave birth to her first daughter at 7:45am.  Tracy and Matt have been waiting and praying for this little bundle for 10 years and she is finally here–in all her glory.  And she is breathtaking.  She is already comfortable and so content–as if she knows that she is supposed to be here–that she knows that there is a calling on her life.  I believe this.

Tracy’s water broke at 5:45 and by the time I got to the hospital to photograph the birth, little Pepper had already arrived.  I missed it, sadly but was ecstatic to meet her and photograph these first few moments of her life.

This post is short and sweet as I truly am speechless today with wonder at the miracle of life, but I just had to post some  images of my sweet little niece.  Meet Pepper Glory.  Welcome to the world, sweet girl.  I can’t wait to spend some precious time with you.

Crystal - These photos seriously made me cry. Tracy what a beautiful baby girl. I’m so happy for you. You were the best older friend to us and I know you will be the best mom. Love you. -Crystal Thomas

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