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Baby’s first Spaghetti


What could be better than a spaghetti lunch for a baby?  Playing with spaghetti!  We gave Ramona her first taste of spaghetti today–which quickly turned into Ramona feeding herself the Spaghetti, and then feeding the dogs the spaghetti.  This of course was all followed by a bath in the kitchen sink.  I have to say–if you’re bored and  don’t know what to do on a cold snowy afternoon,  this little food adventure is fun and can occupy a baby for up to an hour. Good times.  Good food.


Alexia - OMG is that one delicious baby or what? Did you train her to pose in just the perfect position for the most adorable pics?

Briana - Love these pictures! Such fun! My favorite is the one of her licking the tray. Thanks for sharing.

mi-mi - I love that messy girl! I love to watch her embrace her live — a new adventure everyday!

Ode to the two little teeth

I hated these two little teeth when they were making their way through my baby’s swollen red gums, but now I’m in love with these little pearly whites.  I love my daughter’s sweet under bite and that she shows her little teeth off with pride.  I’m afraid that Ramona is teething again.  Soon her mouth will be full of teeth and this little expression will be a thing of the past.  So today I had to capture it.  Oh my heart.


Flying with our Baby for the First Time

I should have seriously bad travel Karma when it comes to flying with babies or children.  I was that jerk who would roll her eyes when I would see a baby and cross my fingers behind my back in hopes that they wouldn’t be sitting in my row.  Of course I had sympathy for those parents with screaming babies, but I didn’t want to be anywhere near them.  So when my sister set her wedding date in California just days after Ramona was born, I knew we had a looming plane ride in our future.

Ramona hates to sleep.  Always has.  We have to literally hold her bottom down until she falls asleep because letting her cry it out can take hours.  And then it’s time for another nap.  Shes does pretty well at night, but the little rascal is just too interested in life to sleep.  So we knew this could raise an issue with flying.  Or not.  She is the most social of babies and as long as somebody looks her in her eyes and acknowledges her, she is happy.  Even when she is beyond tired.  So I thought we could just walk her up and down the aisle for smiles.  I also knew she’d be interested in everything going on in the plane.  The noises, the loud speaker, the window, the drink cart, the throw up bag…. everything.  And indeed she was.  And it was a relatively smooth ride (literally and figuratively).  There was a 10-15 minute crying session while we tried to get her down for a nap and held her bottom down, but once that storm was over, we went through the rest of our flight  relatively unscathed.

Honestly, I’m simply glad we have this trip under our belts and at least know what to expect in the future.  Our advice….  drinks on the plane.  But seriously.  I just needed to relax and realize that babies are babies and they cry.  And it’s not like plane rides are comfortable and pleasant without crying babies.  And I honestly was so worried about getting her down for a nap that I couldn’t have cared less about what the other people on the plane thought.  She’s a good baby and she did great.  No shame here. All and all, first plane ride with baby went pretty darn well!

Other advice:

1.Although it’s a pretty big expense, we couldn’t have survived this trip without the extra seat.  We bought her a seat so that she could sprawl out and not kick and grab at a neighbor.  I realize this is a luxury that we can’t always afford, but it was worth EVERY PENNY.

2.Starve your baby a bit before the plane so that she is really ready to eat during take off.  Her little ears need to be pop and swallowing seems to do the trick.

3 Also try to deprive your baby of her long morning nap.  Little naps should be fine, but you want your baby to sleep on the plane.

4.Bring lots of distracting new toys.  We brought a roll of blue painting tape which I read about online.  It cleans up easy, sticks to noses, toes-es, and little fingers.  The tape fascinated Ramona for a good 15 minutes.  Snacks were also great.  I put puffs in a little container that was like a puzzle.  She had to figure out how to get the puffs out.  Once she got the puffs out though, it was all over.  She was bored and ready for something else.  Ramona loves to suck on a toothbrush, so we packed one of those too and dipped it in water every couple of minutes.  With all of these distractions and her 30 minute nap, we only had a 15-20 minute struggle.    The ride home was even better as it departed right in time for her morning nap.  She actually slept! (30 minutes or so).

I didn’t move with her much on my lap  during the flight, so grabbing my camera for a photo shoot  didn’t happen.  I did snap this quick one of her sleeping on the plane with Jesse’s iPhone.  I took a couple in the airport too.  She LOVED the airport!  Man–next time I need an outing, I can just take her to the airport.  I may have a little traveler on my hands!  She’s mama’s girl.

mama-lainie - I can’t imagine any baby doing better than she did! She was a trooper for the whole event. I wish Thursday night rehearsal had been documented. She was such a ham! I love her oodles!! She has a good mama and daddy!

Wendi - Hey, good job! Ramona is a cutoe pie!!
Lulu and I went on several trips (majority alone) between 3months-12months (3xs to Denver, 2xs Iowa, 2xs to Missouri and once to Ohio)
And then we’ve been on two trips this year, and I’ll tell you it gets harder the older they get! Not gonna lie, benedryl was involved in one or more of these trips. I can’t even imagine trying to do this with two of them now. Also, I sympathize with the no sleeping. Lulu never napped as a newborn/infant. She slept great at night starting at 7 weeks, but was only a cat napper during day time. We are talking 4- 30min naps a day no matter if she was in bed, swaddled, in car, in bouncy seat, in stroller etc.., just not her thing, so I feel you. Luckily her new brother is really into napping! I’m sorry to just blabber on- the point is – you are doing a fantastic job, mom and I feel you, sistah!

Mamma Me - Great great great…Moonshine, Mamma Moon, Papa Moon! Love the shot of her zonked!
Still smiling, inside out and back again :-()

A “Proper” Ramona Moon Photoshoot by Mama

Dear Ramona–I wish I had written these beautiful words myself but until I write my own sonnet, this poem says it all.  I love you, my wild, beautiful girl!

Never play the princess when you can

be the queen:
rule the kingdom, swing a scepter,
wear a crown of gold.
Don’t dance in glass slippers,
crystal carving up your toes —
be a barefoot Amazon instead,
for those shoes will surely shatter on your feet.

Never wear only pink
when you can strut in crimson red,
sweat in heather grey, and
shimmer in sky blue,
claim the golden sun upon your hair.
Colors are for everyone,
boys and girls, men and women —
be a verdant garden, the landscape of Versailles,
not a pale primrose blindly pushed aside.

Chase green dragons and one-eyed zombies,
fierce and fiery toothy monsters,
not merely lazy butterflies,
sweet and slow on summer days.
For you can tame the most brutish beasts
with your wily wits and charm,
and lizard scales feel just as smooth
as gossamer insect wings.

Tramp muddy through the house in
a purple tutu and cowboy boots.
Have a tea party in your overalls.
Build a fort of birch branches,
a zoo of Legos, a rocketship of
Queen Anne chairs and coverlets,
first stop on the moon.

Dream of dinosaurs and baby dolls,
bold brontosaurus and bookish Belle,
not Barbie on the runway or
Disney damsels in distress —
you are much too strong to play
the simpering waif.

Don a baseball cap, dance with Daddy,
paint your toenails, climb a cottonwood.
Learn to speak with both your mind and heart.
For the ground beneath will hold you, dear —
know that you are free.
And never grow a wishbone, daughter,
where your backbone ought to be.

By Sarah McCane

Preston - Beautiful poem. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful baby. Beautiful family. Love.

Anne singleton - I love me some Ramona! I cannot get over those fabulous thighs she is rocking!

heather nan - Those are some serious delicious chubs… what a beauty!

Audrey - LOVE this serie! What a beautiful baby you have. Can’t wait to see you 3!