First Baby Food — Homemade Applesauce

I know it may sound simple to the culinary wizard but I felt like Martha Stewart after making Ramona her first real baby food.  And although the apples weren’t picked from my tree out back, I can’t think of a fresher, cleaner food that I could feed my little bean beside this homemade applesauce.  The best part about all of this was honestly the way I felt spooning the applesauce into my baby’s mouth, knowing that it was preservative free, super fresh, and above all, made with mama’s love.  Food hasn’t been something I’ve looked forward to with Ramona.  Her tummy was a wreck for the first few months of  life and her  little GI system seems to have just matured. Food sounded almost mean. To top it off, real food meant that my baby is growing up too fast!   But I read that apples help with constipation and they are apples after all–one of the best earth grown foods God graced this planet with.

I really got into the whole project.  I deep cleaned my kitchen first, then picked the prettiest apples, bowls and spoon that I could find.  I washed the apples in cool distilled water and then took photos.  Maybe over the top but this was Ramona’s first experience with  real food–it needed to be a culinary delight all the way around!    I’m not going to lie, I probably won’t be making ALL of her baby food in the future and I certainly won’t be using cool, distilled water.  But this apple sauce was a milestone for us.  It’s also maybe the easiest thing I’ve ever cooked in my life.  Perhaps cooked isn’t even the word–pureed would be better verb.

Ingredients:  Apples, water.

Here’s what I did.

1. Deep cleaned kitchen

2. Picked out the most perfect Gala apples that I could find.  I thought a red, sweeter apple would probably be a good start.  I’ll probably try it with my tart green delicious apples on my tree and mix them with a sweeter fruit another time.

3. Pulled out a pretty white bowl to hold the apples before, and the applesauce after (and of course for the photos).

4. Put the apples in a strainer over a pan of water (with the skin on)until the water started to boil.

5. Covered the strainer with another pretty bowl and let the apples steam until they were soft.

5. Peeled, cored and cut apples, and threw them into my  kitchen blender. You don’t need a fancy “baby food maker”.

6. Added little bits of water while blending until desired consistency.

7. Poured warm applesauce  into three pretty bowls (1 for Ramona, 1 for Jess, and 1 for me) and the rest into an ice cube tray for individual servings later.

8. Fed my little baby girl her first fresh food.  And she LOVED it!



Granny Moonshine - Thanks for taking me on the applesauce experience…sensed it all over.
Love you guys

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