Empty Nest Syndrome

I can hardly believe that I’m saying this, as I was doing everything I could a year ago to put myself into labor, but I think I miss being pregnant.    Perhaps I’m  hyper-nostalgic right now, as Ramona’s 1st birthday is right around the corner and there’s something in the winter air or in my Clary Sage oil bath that is bringing back these memories of anticipation.  Yes.  Anticipation.  I think that is what I miss more than anything–knowing that a little girl would soon be in my arms—not knowing when or how or even where I would deliver. I was excited to see who would look like–would she have hair?  How much would she weigh?  Will I see myself in her? Or maybe even my grandmother, for whom Ramona is named after.  All of these anticipatory feelings were similar to being a kid at Christmas time. I knew there was a VERY SPECIAL package coming my way.  A year ago today I was washing and folding all of her tiny little clothes and placing them perfectly in the yellow dresser we bought just for her from a thrift store.  I was shopping for fun items for my “labor”, like massage oils and slippers, and I working on my birth mix.  I was singing to my little bean and beckoning her to come out.  I was EXCITED.  Not that I’m not excited now—the next year will be sure to hold tons of amazing “surprises” and moments that are sure to be incredible, but there’s something weighing on my heart saying that I will never again experience pregnancy again like I did a year ago–that it was a virginal, and one in a lifetime experience.


So in celebration of this nostalgia  I thought I’d post a few maternity photos that I’ve shot over the last year or so.


Here’s to pregnancy–may we savor every week (even when our feet are so swollen, we can’t wear shoes).

alison - I hate to say this but I have never missed pregnancy for a second! Maybe mine were especially miserable! I love the photo with the nod to the American Gothic painting! Funny!

Heather - I love this post! I am currently pregnant for the first time, and, although I am having some ups and downs with pregnancy, I totally agree with the feeling that there will never be another time like this. Thank you so much for this post and all of these wonderful pics of happy, loving pregnant couples!

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