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A “Day in the Life of” Ramona

    I got a new toy.  I finally ordered the Fuji X100 which is a pretty sweet film/digital hybrid camera.  It’s got an undeniably cute body that is simple to use and feels just like my 35mm Nikon FM2.  I’ve wanted the camera for awhile but didn’t know if it was an appropriate wedding […]

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lindsay - beautiful photos captured of miss r. she is beautiful! {long time follower of your photography blog, first time poster} 🙂

Lauren - These photos are all amazing. I so enjoyed scrolling through them this morning! I think #2 takes the cake, though. You are quite talented!

Ramona is growing fast, huh?

The Amazing Metamorphosis of my Wife: From I Don’t Think So to At Least Three or Four

Partying in Vegas Blue Steel   Alabama Whirly from True Romance on Halloween Julie’s favorite place in the world Three sheets to the wind   met·a·mor·pho·sis [met-uh-mawr-fuh-sis] noun 1. Biology . a profound change in form from one stage to the next in the life history of an organism, as from the caterpillar to the […]

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Caitlin - Beautiful, beautiful account of a beautiful woman and family! I love you guys!!

Kailee - So beautiful. I love you guys. Crazy to think I was at your wedding toastig you with a water bottle. And that Julie was my age when my
Mom was pregnant with me. Now it all comes full circle 🙂

Sarah - Ohhh and I cry for days. You guys are such wonderful parents! I can’t help but think about Ramona (and babies Chatham to come!) reading this blog when she grows up and getting glimpses of the love her mom and dad had for her from the moment they knew she was on her way! Change is, arguably, always beautiful 🙂 XO

Chris Humphreys - Wonderfully written Jesse. 🙂

mama-lainie - I love the way you love my daughter and my grandbaby. You, too, have grown into a wonderful papa

Jodi - I adore you!!

Lauren - What a beautiful post. I think it’s so much more awesome when people take parenting seriously and truly try to understand what a sacrifice it will be before they plunge headfirst into it. So here’s to taking your time to decide, and not half-assing it!

Body image

  It’s been almost six months since my little bean was born and I’m struggling with my body image.  I’ve struggled with my body image since I was 14 and have been insanely hard on myself over the years–starving myself, binging/purging, pills… bi-weekly colonics – you name it, I’ve done it.  But I swore that […]

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Caitlin - I’m so proud of you, Jules. You’re such a brave human being…and I’ll keep telling you for ever that you’re just the most beautiful mama there is! You glow, you shine, and you’re so alive 🙂 That’s beautiful.

I love you!

Juli - yes. and i kind of have gotten to the conclusion that this might be one of the ways in which we are reminded we are human and we get to join in this colossal struggle and beauty on this earth. the question i found myself trying to answer the other day was… could i be ok in my body exactly as it is for the rest of my life if i was frozen and this was the body i had. all of the sudden i thought i might be thankful for this big strong body that has some extra padding. and then i do think every morning of how wonderful it would be for a magic diet pill that would just put me smack dab at an ideal weight. you know, we can dream.

as far as the girls go, i am terrified for them, but also know i can’t shield them from the pain they will experience, so we talk through it as we talk through a lot of it and we say we aren’t perfect but we are full of grace for ourselves and others. and we are saving up for therapy. not college. therapy. sheesh.

Kristi Foster Hill - You are not alone in this struggle! I’ve dealt with my poor body image pretty much my whole life and still do today, even after achieving the goal of losing 70 pounds. We are our own worst enemies for sure. Acceptance and remembering that we are amazing, beautiful women is the key!

April Ingram - Oh I feel for you, Julie! I have gone through all these emotions myself. Having a daughter really complicates things as a mom. You have to think of your emotions impacting your child. At this point, please remember to concentrate on adjusting your whole self to life as a new mom, not just your body, and if that means that your body takes a back seat for a while…that’s ok. Cut yourself some slack. You are beautiful, your daughter loves you, your husband thinks you are gorgeous and as my husband always told me “being a great mom is the sexiest thing in the world”. Take it easy girl, and enjoy your beer & wine 🙂

Chelsy - I can completely relate to this post! I battle those same demons. And have two girls that I want so desperately to raise to be comfortable in their own skin among other things.

Sara - Thanks for the reminder, Julie. Love from another mama who is two years out and still has those last five pounds to lose…

Emilie D - Thanks for this wonderful post, Julie. I’m 35 weeks pregnant now and have spent lots of time worrying about what I’ll look like after the baby is born. That’s really sad! My mind should be packed full of joy, excitement and thankfulness for our future son instead! Loved the video too 🙂

Laura Esmond - My Reese is 4 years old and at the pool the other day she asked me how come so people are floppy. From the mouths of babes. I found myself discreetly hiding my own cellulite as I proceeded to tell her that some people are lucky to be so soft, it’s better to cuddle with and that God wants us all to be different and finds each of us beautiful. But then it struck me. She’s 4 years old! How and why is she even thinking about this? There will always be a message to women that we need to be at our thinnest to be happiest. But thankfully there is a counter message from our husbands, children, friends and sweatpants. It’s been at my fattest that the greatest things happened: the first few months I dated Scott and we drank and ate to utter joy and oblivion, coming home from our 2 weeks in France filled to the brim with cheese, and then of course after birthing each of my kids. Fat and happy those days!

Lillian - You are beautiful. God has created you fearfully and wonderfully. I am in awe.

Anne Singleton - Love love love it. I struggle with the same issues and I am working on it…. But when my little bean comes out, I am going to watch this again to gain some perspective! Thank you for your beautiful writings as usual… And you are of course beautiful yourself!

Donna Davis - Truth be known Julie, those same women who seem to be “Supermoms” are probably extremely unhappy, and also project that unhappiness onto their children and families. They seek constant perfection, and hold those same ideals up to the people that are also in their lives. If those women have daughters, those girls will grow up with the shallow thinking that looks are everything, and if they have sons, will project that same thinking to them, that they will only seek “perfect” women to spend their lives with. God forbid their wives have a baby and not still have the perfect body. I can see divorce in their futures. Like my husband says when I get self conscious about my post 21 year birthing body, “Honey, women have this wonderful gift that men can NEVER have. You bring life into this world and any man who could criticize his partner after bringing their child into this world, for not having a perfect body is an idiot. He should be proud of the scars that her body bears, and love her just the same.” He is so correct!

Lauren - This post & video were so so beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

While I was watching, it dawned on me that we are just not exposed to the reality of what mama’s bodies actually look like. And if we were, I think we would just accept ourselves and embrace our bodies. Damn these expectations on women and mothers put forth through the media.

But yes, I too am guilty of feeling this way about my own body.