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Moonshine in New Orleans

New Orleans was technically Ramona’s first “trip”. Yes, we went to Lodi for my sister’s wedding in October and to Aspen on a road trip in July, but NOLA was Ramona’s first place of “travel”.  And she was amazing.  AMAZING.  I certainly have a little travel buddy on my hands.  The first day we were […]

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Lilly Sue - She is totally making a Jesse look in that picture where you are holding her and her hands are clasped…she looks like she is looking deep into my thoughts! lol

Heather - These pictures are amazing Jules! And how fun the Lil was able to go with you and experience NOLA and help with little Moon. Love these images.

A “Proper” Ramona Moon Photoshoot by Mama

Dear Ramona–I wish I had written these beautiful words myself but until I write my own sonnet, this poem says it all.  I love you, my wild, beautiful girl! Never play the princess when you can be the queen: rule the kingdom, swing a scepter, wear a crown of gold. Don’t dance in glass slippers, […]

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Preston - Beautiful poem. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful baby. Beautiful family. Love.

Anne singleton - I love me some Ramona! I cannot get over those fabulous thighs she is rocking!

heather nan - Those are some serious delicious chubs… what a beauty!

Audrey - LOVE this serie! What a beautiful baby you have. Can’t wait to see you 3!

The Cesarean Birth of John Campbell Singleton

I am calling it a Cesarean birth because a C-section simply doesn’t do it justice.  It’s a birth.  It’s just as miraculous as a vaginal delivery and has the same outcome.  A baby that has been in gestation for 9 months takes its first breath and is ushered into the world. My dear friend, Anne, […]

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Alison Rhodes - Oh Julie. You have done it again. These images are simply amazing and evoke such strong memories and emotions for me. You are ridiculously good and I’m so glad you share your gift with us!

And to Mama Anne- you too, are amazing!

Chris Humphreys - Wow. Amazing stuff Julie. As always. 🙂

Thanks for sharing an inspiring story and images!

Jennifer - Hi Julie
I was in a wedding in June (Lanka Milnor) and got to see first hand your amazing pictures and talent. But this may take the cake. Completely covered in goose bumps, face wet with tears. This mama is blessed on so many levels. Congrats to Anne and her family. Welcome John Campbell! My Campbell Grace (8mo) can’t wait to meet someone who shares her name!

Celia M - This series of images brought me to tears. You are so gifted at capturing emotions and life. Thank you.

Jess - Every birth is amazing. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing. LOVED my sister’s pictures and love pics of your family and friends. Best to you,

abby a. - wow…incredible and so REAL! thank you Julie and Anne for sharing, i felt like I was there even though I am halfway around the world! What a miracle baby, what a story of strength and persaverance. God has blessed you Anne….so proud of you, my heart wells with love!

thejoyofthis - Just beautiful!