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The Getter’s story. Elliot and Marlowe.

Marlowe Getter was born on August 21st, 2012. I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to look at these images, but today is the first time I opened them up in Lightroom.  Maybe I really was that backed up in post production, maybe I didn’t think the images would turn out, or maybe […]

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Caitlin - There are no words..

katie - Tracy~
This is beautiful! Tears of sadness and joy ran down my face, such pain and great excitement all in one. You did a great job writing this and I loved the pictures! Thank you for keeping Elliot’s memory alive in this post.

Tracy - Julie this is brilliant so well written and so perfectly captured

Alison - My childhood best friend went through something very similar. At 27 weeks her 1st baby’s heart stopped beating and he was still-born. I know I struggled mightily with how to grieve myself, support my friend, talk about the subject without fear of saying the wrong thing. In November she gave birth to TWIN boys! Both boys are thriving. I think throughout the entire 2nd pregnancy we all held our breath, not waning to believe this could be real. I have never seen another mother so PRESENT in her experience as a new mom. Very joyous for me to see her so happy!

Mom - So grateful that Marlowe is here — and that she will always know she has a big brother. Well written, Julie… So many emotions to put into words. Many blessings were prayed over that sweet family…and they received an absolutely GORGEOUS baby girl!

Janna - Love

Lillian chatham - Beautifully said…thanks for sharing

Jamie - Julie-please pass this message along.

Marie, wow, I haven’t seen you in years but I’m reading this story now, and I am completely overwhelmed by the story of Elliot. That’s insanely intense. You are one strong woman, but I knew that already. And hopefully you did too. I am so happy for you and John that you have welcomed Marlowe into the world. You deserve nothing but the best and if my arms could reach to colorado from massachusetts, I would give you the biggest hug, to congratulate you, to acknowledge what you’ve been through, and to let you know that I care. xoxo – Jamie

A letter to my Ramona Moon on her first birthday.

My sweet Ramona, Today you are one. Over the last few days, I’ve been thinking a lot about the year–what a crazy, beautiful whirlwind it’s been. How you’ve grown from a helpless little bundle in my arms, to a willful, vivacious little moon who has opened my eyes to all the wonders of the world. […]

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mom - Thanks, Julie — Beautiful slide show. (Now you understand why I always wanted slide shows at birthdays in our family.) As I’ve said to many…falling in love with Ramona was not a surprise to me….I KNEW I would be head-over-heels about her. The greatest joy has been watching you and Jesse as parents. She is one blessed child!! I love you 3!!
Happy Birthday, Mona-Baby!! I love you ~ Mimi

Linda - oh …. What a doll! I know she will treasure your “gift” of words as she grows up. YOU write beautifully. Your mom says that she looks like Jesse … but, I see all of the Harris’ in her expressions. She sure is a lucky little girl .. Blessings for all of you. xoxo, Linda