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From LOHI to Farmland – This “City Girl” has Moved to the Country

  I wish somebody had a camera on me–at this moment just after I’ve turned off the stereo to tune into the goats instead, mawwwwing  just 100 yards away on the property east of us.  It’s Monday afternoon and I’ve just cancelled an engagement shoot in Denver due to rain.  I’m celebrating the down time […]

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anne singleton - I love your little house and your fabulous, simpler life…. I am glad I share it with you in little pieces. 🙂 I do need to correct you though- you certainly DO know you you are, more than anyone I know! Don’t be too far from the city so you can still have margs with me!

A day in the life of… US!

It had been way too long since we had our little family photographed.  Almost a year, in fact.  Luckily, I have a lot of photographer friends who are willing to trade.  I photograph their families, they photograph mine.  This shoot was done by the incredible Jenna Walker.  I asked her to simply come in and […]

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Sara Thornton - Such beautiful family pictures, Julie!!!

Mary - So beautiful and natural! Love them!

Liz Vest - She has the sweetest face 🙂
Love her little teeth

Grzegorz - This is how Happiness looks like! Love You!

Jamie Barry - my god, Ramona, I want to meet you SO BAD!! It kills me. Julie–she is STUNNING! These are awesome pictures. Especially the one of the 3 of you in the doorway, and the one of Ramona turning around toward the camera in the red wagon. its actually really hard to pick my favorite. They are totally you guys though. she captured you guys very well. miss you. xoxo

Letting Go of Me –

  I keep sitting here typing a line, then deleting it.  Typing.  Deleting.  I mean, who am I to blog about the art of letting go?  My mind is so cluttered with things to do that making lists of “Things to do”  is on my list of things to do.  I have so many projects […]

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Cynthia G - Yay! I see our “wine” the other night was cathartic for both of us. Could not agree with this more. As a wife, mom of 3, biz owner, blah blah blah, I can tell you that you’ll find that she needs you more and more as she grows. She needs you right now to survive, she’ll need you in a few more years to live and love. You can’t reap and sow at the same time – and with kids it’s a long growing season and short harvest. You being aware and present of yourself and your thoughts is all that you can ask for. May peace enter where it already resides – in your heart. Love you.

Johanne - I’m not a Mom, but I just love this blog. Probably because you are so honest, real and I love the way you think. Ramona is so lucky to you have you.

abby Jacobs - Wow, you nailed it. I have been feeling the same thing and wondering how other moms view success. It is hard to “let go” but also once you do, life is so much more enjoyable and the connections are so much deeper. We do what we can and it is quite a LOT. Your talent isn’t going anywhere, you have a lifetime of it. Thanks for so eloquently writing this! Big fan 🙂

Jamie Kelly - Julie, what a beautiful, inspiring post. We all have feelings about defining self worth and success. Thank you for the reminder to enjoy the present, let go, and be exactly where we are supposed to be.

Marilee - Hey Julie, I totally agree with you. I experienced very similar feelings a couple of years ago. I am now living in a double wide. Just kidding. Not totally, but still. I am so happy. There is nothing sweeter or more meaningful in life than sharing day to day life with my toddler and my baby. The time we spend together being silly, laughing, playing games, etc. It is priceless. Give me a call sometime. I would love to get together and meet Ramona!

Anne singleton - Ok three things. 1- you are eloquent in your words and Ramona is so lucky to have such an amazing mother. 2- you are the best photographer in the entire world and I am not just saying that- I have image after image of proof. And if the industry cannibalizes itself, myself and my family are so lucky to have made your archives. 3- I would like to have some of that wine and some of those naps with you. In that order, as soon as tomorrow. Love you.

Mom - Love, love, LOVE! You are an amazing mama to my first grandbaby! I have never been more proud of you! It has been one of the great blessings of my life — to see you become the mama that you are. I love you!

Julie - Hi Julie! We haven’t connected in so long and I happened to see this post on a friend’s facebook feed! So funny because I hate Facebook! But your words really struck a cord and I thought I would let you know. Liam is 3 and I have been struggling with these very same thoughts since he was born. Motherhood changes us, but our need to create and make an impact on the world stays the same. It can be really challenging at times. I actually just wrote about the same thing on my blog and was afraid to publish it. Your post inspired me. Thank you. You can check it out at

I reference a blog post on The Little Brown Mushroom that I think you will enjoy.
I hope to connect with you again sometime soon!

March Playlist (for mama’s, not babies)

1.)Duadalogn:Sigur Ros 2.)A New Life: Jim James 3.)Recover:CHURCHES 4.)Forever: Haim 5.)You and I: Local Natives 6.)Second Song: TV on the Radio 7.)Stray: Wild Beasts 8.)Nothing Arrived: Villagers 9.)All Wash Out: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros 10.)Yet again: Grizzly Bear 11.)Decisions: How to Dress Well 12.)Wosrhip: Radio Edit ft. Jose Gonzales 13.)Take me Away: Wild […]

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Heather - I love your Mama mix! You have always had spectacular taste in music Julie!

Heather - My favorite jam of the week was Florence and the Machine Never Let Me Go. love Florence!

Alison - It is amazing to me the truth and rawness you are able to put in both writing and in your images. I loved this post for so many reasons, and appreciate the honesty. And also love seeing that this whole balance thing is challenge we share. Thanks for the reminder about what’s important-if we can focus on that, it all makes more sense….