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Meow has only one eye.  Her orange fur is scruffy, sticky and sometimes stinky.  The plush in her limbs and tail have been loved out. Her body has grown thinner, her head floppy.  She’s my daughter’s “lovey” and because of this I love Meow more than any adult should love a stuffed animal.  Meow has […]

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Andrea Shoman-Timmsen - Wow. Needed this today! Thank you!

Alison Christofferson - Both my kids have a “special blanket” that my Mom made for them. When my older daughter was two my step-MIL let her take it to the Zoo and it got lost. Like you, ours was saved by a stranger. I do not kid when I say this event strained my relationship with my MIL for years! I think only those with a child who has a lovey can truly understand. So glad Meow was found! The person who found it was surely a parent, if not a Mom!

Candi Bales Counts - So sweet 🙂 made me tear up

Svatka Schneider - Beautiful.

A Wrong Turn Somewhere

It has recently dawned on me that I haven’t been parenting the way that I thought I wanted to.  Never in a million years did I think that I would be that mother who would be out with friends, but catering to my kid the whole time—rattling gadgets at her, picking  toys  up off the […]

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Chelsy Ann Clark-Supinski - I SO relate to this post. I have totally been there. It wasn’t until my oldest turned 3 that I really was able to recognize and make some intentional changes with my friendships. Also took a Love and Logic class that saved my life.

Jodi Peterson Cox - You are an amazing mother.. Perfect with faults, and willing to admit them. That’s how we all should be! Love you

Laura Esmond - Every mother in the world can empathize with your plight (even the French I’d be willing to bet.) So YOU GO GIRL! You let Ramona know who’s boss. Let your yes be yes and your no be no without debating (oh just wait until those debates get logical!) We still struggle at times with having consistent expectations of their behavior especially when we’re tired. And when they were Ramona’s age I was afraid they wouldn’t love me or feel loved. But they do and Ramona will. Consider reading Parenting By The Book. It’s shockingly old school, but a great follow up to Bringing Up Bebe.

Mark Harris - Perfect cover photo. What a cute little brat. Just so you know, I have never felt like our time together has been compromised by Ramona. Raising a two year old does look like a handful more often than not. You are such a great hostess, and a great parent. I hope you find some peace with some adult friends in the near future.

Anonymous - Ooooh, Ceasar Milan – the dog whisperer. Sounds bass-ackwards but swear it will help. It’s free on hulu.

Let’s Talk Some Sh#t

We don’t actually use that word to describe literal poop in our home–we use that big bad word to describe much pettier things like gossip or to punctuate our disgust of something that’s simply not true–as in, “bull sh#t”.   Jesse and I use  the good old fashioned word “poop” for poop and I have […]

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Chelsey Heil - Great post, very honest! Maybe you should get the book: Everybody Poops. It’s funny and true 🙂

Alison Christofferson - Potty training is like childbirth, you forget the worst of the details so that you will do it again someday. The survival of the species depends on it. Personally with my second kid I just waited as long as as I possibly could. There is no perfect way to do it. Good luck!

Camille Andree Giroux - We often read a book called “Where’s the Poop.” my son loves to look at it while trying to use the pottie. Pretty entertaining and fun book about animals and their poop.

Gail Jackson - Potty training – one of the banes of a mother’s existence. And don’t be surprised if another regression occurs when Ramona’s baby sister arrives…. everything is fair game to a toddler when they are no longer your one and only!

Pepper Glory

There are no words to express the jubilation that I feel in my heart today.  My dear, dear friend Tracy gave birth to her first daughter at 7:45am.  Tracy and Matt have been waiting and praying for this little bundle for 10 years and she is finally here–in all her glory.  And she is breathtaking.  […]

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Crystal - These photos seriously made me cry. Tracy what a beautiful baby girl. I’m so happy for you. You were the best older friend to us and I know you will be the best mom. Love you. -Crystal Thomas