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A chronicle of activities with family and Ramona Moon.

Our First Day at the Pool

  My memories of summer as a child are always at the pool.  My mom took us there  at least five days a week.  To this day, I still can’t go through the sunscreen aisle at Target without sniffing a bottle of baby coppertone. It brings me back to the sounds of kids splashing in […]

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Mandy - Oh my gosh, her cuteness kills me. She looks like a fab synchronized swimming beauty in her swimsuit and cap…love it!

April Ingram - How precious! My only “pool memories” from childhood were in our backyard in one of those hard plastic pools that would get slimy and murky after 2 days and my mom would send me and my brother out with a bottle of bleach and a mop and make us clean it, lol. I do love that my kids have plenty of relatives and friends who have pools that we are welcome to use anytime and our tiny town has a great park with a spring AND a creek to play in. So water is definitely part of our weekly routine in the summer 🙂 Ramona looks SO precious in her little suit and cap! So glad she enjoyed her first dip in the pool!

Jan Gonzales - Beyond cute!!! Thanks for sharing … enjoyed the blog.

Johanne - Those are such beautiful photos and precious memories Julie! I love both of your blogs and I think you are the most amazing writer & photographer ever.

Emilie - She is just adorable!!

Jess Hunt - I love that having kids allows us (forces us?) to do all of the things that didn’t sound nearly as fun before. Going to a pool (and having to get in a bathing suit!) on a hot day used to sound like torture, now it’s all I want to do because it’s so much fun to see Harper in the water. So I put on my mom-suit with pride and for a while l feel like a kid again, too….

Jen - Are you kidding me? Can a baby girl possibly be more precious?? Love, love, love these photos!! Do they make that suit in my size?

hillary - I can’t handle the orange hat!!!! I must have one for my babies!!! Precious.