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A chronicle of activities with family and Ramona Moon.

Moonshine in New Orleans

New Orleans was technically Ramona’s first “trip”. Yes, we went to Lodi for my sister’s wedding in October and to Aspen on a road trip in July, but NOLA was Ramona’s first place of “travel”.  And she was amazing.  AMAZING.  I certainly have a little travel buddy on my hands.  The first day we were […]

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Lilly Sue - She is totally making a Jesse look in that picture where you are holding her and her hands are clasped…she looks like she is looking deep into my thoughts! lol

Heather - These pictures are amazing Jules! And how fun the Lil was able to go with you and experience NOLA and help with little Moon. Love these images.

Baby’s first Spaghetti

  What could be better than a spaghetti lunch for a baby?  Playing with spaghetti!  We gave Ramona her first taste of spaghetti today–which quickly turned into Ramona feeding herself the Spaghetti, and then feeding the dogs the spaghetti.  This of course was all followed by a bath in the kitchen sink.  I have to […]

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Alexia - OMG is that one delicious baby or what? Did you train her to pose in just the perfect position for the most adorable pics?

Briana - Love these pictures! Such fun! My favorite is the one of her licking the tray. Thanks for sharing.

mi-mi - I love that messy girl! I love to watch her embrace her live — a new adventure everyday!

Flying with our Baby for the First Time

I should have seriously bad travel Karma when it comes to flying with babies or children.  I was that jerk who would roll her eyes when I would see a baby and cross my fingers behind my back in hopes that they wouldn’t be sitting in my row.  Of course I had sympathy for those […]

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mama-lainie - I can’t imagine any baby doing better than she did! She was a trooper for the whole event. I wish Thursday night rehearsal had been documented. She was such a ham! I love her oodles!! She has a good mama and daddy!

Wendi - Hey, good job! Ramona is a cutoe pie!!
Lulu and I went on several trips (majority alone) between 3months-12months (3xs to Denver, 2xs Iowa, 2xs to Missouri and once to Ohio)
And then we’ve been on two trips this year, and I’ll tell you it gets harder the older they get! Not gonna lie, benedryl was involved in one or more of these trips. I can’t even imagine trying to do this with two of them now. Also, I sympathize with the no sleeping. Lulu never napped as a newborn/infant. She slept great at night starting at 7 weeks, but was only a cat napper during day time. We are talking 4- 30min naps a day no matter if she was in bed, swaddled, in car, in bouncy seat, in stroller etc.., just not her thing, so I feel you. Luckily her new brother is really into napping! I’m sorry to just blabber on- the point is – you are doing a fantastic job, mom and I feel you, sistah!

Mamma Me - Great great great…Moonshine, Mamma Moon, Papa Moon! Love the shot of her zonked!
Still smiling, inside out and back again :-()

Our First (much needed) Family Vacation

Dear Moonshine – You’ll be 6 months old tomorrow and I’m more in love with you than ever.  On the way to Aspen yesterday (you slept the whole way) your Dad  and I were remarking on the fact that every time we think or talk about you, we can’t help but smile.  You’ve brought so […]

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Donna Davis - You guys are such a happy family! Ramona is a beautiful baby! And a lucky girl who has such a talented mom to record all the milestones and everyday happenings in her life! Glad to see you guys get to spend some much needed time together!

Jessica Thwaites - Love it! She is so stinkin cute Julie!