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A chronicle of activities with family and Ramona Moon.

Good Old Days

I think I was seriously depressed just 2.5 years ago–or seriously situationally depressed, anyhow.  I remember thinking that I didn’t have any dreams left–that I had lived and played out all of my fantasies and that I had nothing left to look forward to. I kept trying to force the dreams–like I would say to […]

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Maria Healey - Julie, there is such beauty in your honesty! I, too, realize that my dreams have changed and I find more joy in wanting to help create the dreams of my son, rather than insisting on pursuing my own in a more selfish fashion. I had a great time in my 20’s chasing those dreams and I wasn’t sure I’d even want to become a mother, but motherhood has become something I’m so passionate about now and I couldn’t be more thankful my husband and I made that decision to start a family of our own. It’s good to see there are other women out there with the same situation. Thanks for sharing your story!

Grzegorz - “Three things we have left of paradise: the stars, the flowers and the eyes of a child” – Dante Aligheri. I know, that when You look into Ramona’s eyes, You are in Paradise Julie. And You can’t be depressed in Paradise.

Sarah Weinberger - Seriously crying right now! SO beautiful and meaningful! I love this SO much!!

Mom - Julie Darlin’… No one could have told you about all that you are feeling now – as a mama to our beautiful Ramona! I think the love we feel for our babies is the closest we can experience to perfect love. It is un-earned love. It is love that grows because we give so completely of ourselves, expecting nothing back. It is unmanipulative love. I believe heaven will be full of that kind of love. I am so grateful you and Jesse chose to be parents. You are wonderful at the job!! xo

Jodi - I just love these…I want to squish that little face and cover it with kisses. These are some of my favs….so Julie Harris, soooo Ramona!

Christa Chatham - Wow Julie! This is beautiful! I am so happy for you and Jesse!!! I have noticed a very big change in the both of you… I feel your energy is lighter and you seem very happy! Ramona is so precious and growing so fast… I am truly going to miss that little smarty pants… She will surpass most and very quickly! Mua!! Love you and your dear family!!!

Kailee - I love her. And you and Jesse 🙂

A Little Dirt…

  Mama got a lot of work done in the yard last week thanks to this makeshift sandbox–errr, dirt box?  We are still working on figuring out a sandbox solution, but for now this is really doing the trick.  I mean, HOURS of fun for Ramona.  Be it cold weather in her winter coat, or […]

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margie woods brown - I LOVE these!! She is so darned CUTE!! XOXOXO

Jamie - oh my goodness look at her!! She is such a doll! I hope my little girl will help me in the garden this summer too! You’ve got me inspired! miss you julie.

Lillian - Love the capture of her focused work! Grandma

Megan - Holy crap I love these. I want to swim around in those amazing eyes of hers! Plus dirt and kids are just kind of synonymous, right? Just beautiful.

Expired Film, Oats and Banana bread…

What happens when you start cleaning out the “junk drawer”?  You find expired film and end up making a bigger mess than you started with.  A couple weeks ago, stuck inside  during a blizzard, I let Ramona play with a canister of oats, a big spoon and a bowl of leftover banana bread batter.  She […]

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Paul Shappirio - Love the grain. Nice work. I miss film sometimes!

Nadine - How cute are this pictures? Your child is absolutely adorable. Can’t wait to read more about you.


Chris Humphreys - Hmmm…. Why can’t film just be like really good scotch? How awesome would it be if you could just buy aged film? Seriously, if you could just go over to Denver Pro Photo and head up the counter and ask for some 15 year old aged T-Max 100? 🙂

Love all these Julie… Just spent a few mins going through this blog and your main photo one and I can’t get over how much I love your work. 🙂

Keep on keepin’ on! 🙂


Jenny - Really enjoy all of your posts, but just finally had to leave a comment letting you know 🙂

The Lyons Parade of Lights

  Three of my most favorite things in the world:  Marching bands, Christmas lights and Candy.  The Lyons Parade of Lights had all three and was such a perfect way to start celebrating the season with Ramona and Jesse.  Little Moon LOVED the lights and the music.  She squealed, kicked and took in every second […]

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