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Honest moments caught on camera.

A Wrong Turn Somewhere

It has recently dawned on me that I haven’t been parenting the way that I thought I wanted to.  Never in a million years did I think that I would be that mother who would be out with friends, but catering to my kid the whole time—rattling gadgets at her, picking  toys  up off the […]

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Chelsy Ann Clark-Supinski - I SO relate to this post. I have totally been there. It wasn’t until my oldest turned 3 that I really was able to recognize and make some intentional changes with my friendships. Also took a Love and Logic class that saved my life.

Jodi Peterson Cox - You are an amazing mother.. Perfect with faults, and willing to admit them. That’s how we all should be! Love you

Laura Esmond - Every mother in the world can empathize with your plight (even the French I’d be willing to bet.) So YOU GO GIRL! You let Ramona know who’s boss. Let your yes be yes and your no be no without debating (oh just wait until those debates get logical!) We still struggle at times with having consistent expectations of their behavior especially when we’re tired. And when they were Ramona’s age I was afraid they wouldn’t love me or feel loved. But they do and Ramona will. Consider reading Parenting By The Book. It’s shockingly old school, but a great follow up to Bringing Up Bebe.

Mark Harris - Perfect cover photo. What a cute little brat. Just so you know, I have never felt like our time together has been compromised by Ramona. Raising a two year old does look like a handful more often than not. You are such a great hostess, and a great parent. I hope you find some peace with some adult friends in the near future.

Anonymous - Ooooh, Ceasar Milan – the dog whisperer. Sounds bass-ackwards but swear it will help. It’s free on hulu.

Let’s Talk Some Sh#t

We don’t actually use that word to describe literal poop in our home–we use that big bad word to describe much pettier things like gossip or to punctuate our disgust of something that’s simply not true–as in, “bull sh#t”.   Jesse and I use  the good old fashioned word “poop” for poop and I have […]

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Chelsey Heil - Great post, very honest! Maybe you should get the book: Everybody Poops. It’s funny and true 🙂

Alison Christofferson - Potty training is like childbirth, you forget the worst of the details so that you will do it again someday. The survival of the species depends on it. Personally with my second kid I just waited as long as as I possibly could. There is no perfect way to do it. Good luck!

Camille Andree Giroux - We often read a book called “Where’s the Poop.” my son loves to look at it while trying to use the pottie. Pretty entertaining and fun book about animals and their poop.

Gail Jackson - Potty training – one of the banes of a mother’s existence. And don’t be surprised if another regression occurs when Ramona’s baby sister arrives…. everything is fair game to a toddler when they are no longer your one and only!

Yearnings for the Brashness of Youth

Ghandi said that “True happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony”. I don’t think I’m there yet.  Just under a year ago I wrote a post about letting go.  Letting go of my career, the expectations I’ve had of myself, the success, etc.  And though I […]

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Rachael Weaver - I just want to say, I love you. You are amazing and from the moment we met, you have been an inspiration and someone to look up to. I can’t wait to see you in the spring, and I think we’ll need to add a little extra time just to catch up. 🙂

Jenifer Canning - You write so eloquently.
Congratulations on the new baby. You see and express the world in ways than others can’t – behind a lens or written on paper. It is a beautiful gift to pass on to your girls, and they in turn can make the world a more beautiful place. Best to you.

Sommer Bannan - You are so beautiful inside and out!! Thank you for your honest and vulnerable words! This spoke to my heart today! Lets meet at the pizza parlor and talk when you have some time! We have a lot to catch up on!! xoxo!

Jessica Green - Amen friend! You are not alone. Me too. Thanks for the transparent honesty!

Alison Christofferson - I must say I’ve been through a similar but less dramatic struggle. Quite simply, I believed that becoming a parent would not affect my ability to be adventuresome and ambitious. I was wrong. I had my children pretty young, first baby born when I was 26 and second at 28. I recently realized that I will be a mere 44 years old when my first kid goes to college, 47 with the second. That made me realize that my frenzy to figure out what “great” thing I was going to do with my life can wait a bit. The way our world is going I can start a whole new career at 44 and work as long as many of our parents did in their careers. As my grandma likes to tell me, you can have it all, just not at the same time. Hard to accept when you’ve been an ambitious woman but might just be true. Hugs to you! When is your next baby due?

Megan Maxwell - I can completely relate. But do not leave photography- you are far too gifted.

Kellie Coughlin - Beautifully said Julie 🙂

Caitlin - I love you so much. I am so proud of you.

megan alvarez - So lovely and honest and poignant and a great read for me this morning.

I feel like I am desperately grasping for the gypsy, especially now that I am pregnant with my first and in a constant state of various forms of total panic and I can feel my former/present self slipping away a little bit despite my excitement and anticipation. It’s always a relief to know I’m not the only one.

I seriously think we should get together sometime, especially now that you live in my neck of the woods! =)

Thanks for sharing this today. Such a talent.

anne singleton - So I just love you so much, and am so proud of you that you are talented enough to choose when you want to be on hiatus. I wish I could do the same in my career. Choose when I want to be on and choose when I want to be off. And the fact that you revel in your alone time, strip club or strip mall, maintains to me that you are still a gypsy. Sometimes I can’t muster the will to put on mascara and leave the house, let alone attempt a seedy bar to sit alone and contemplate. I think you have finally arrived…. barefoot, pregnant, and living in the sticks with your beautiful girl, your gadlfy hubby, and your amazing talent, still lining your walls, willfully in hibernation until you feel like getting on the bike again.

Amanda - The root of the word happy is hap.. it’s latin, translates “by luck” or “by chance” – you are building something so so so much deeper that will not leave you. You do things with a camera that you just shouldn’t be able to do. That gift will only get better. You make me cry, my story’s different but I very much sympathize. So so so many congratulations on another one. Amanda

Our Quiet, Early Morning Cartoon and Cup of Joe

I am one of those moms who plops her baby down in front of the TV. There.  I said it.  I am no Mother of the Year and yes, I let Ramona watch a little T.V. from time to time (time to time being, about 4 out of  7 days a week).  But in my […]

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Elaine Thomas Harris - I remember, with such fondness, watching Mr. Rogers with Mark after you 3 “big kids” went to school. Ahhh…sweet snuggle time 🙂

Melody Zobel - Sweet. These days it’s Chris and Joey in the morning. I can’t move….other lovely dvds from early on HBO Baby Dance and Baby Music, The Snowman, Little People, Word World, and Dinosaur Train. Hmmm. These days it’s Phineas and Ferb! Love you Jules. Mel

Lillian Chatham - So sweet! It sounds like you have a good system down 🙂

Lillian M Chatham - You rock!