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Honest moments caught on camera.

A Morning in my Life

I’m always preaching about photographing the natural–about capturing authentic moments and allowing oneself to be photographed in a documentary style, even if that means being exposed or vulnerable.  I’m going to preach it even louder now… I had the rare and incredible opportunity to be photographed with my girls in this style just 2 weeks […]

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Jenifer L Hammond - Tis beautiful because it’s real.

Andrea Brooks Binder - You and your girls are beautiful.

Jodi Peterson Cox - I love these! I want a sleepover!!

Leah Emerick Anderson - Wow!! Paige did such a wonderful job capturing these tender moments at dawn. Julie, you are a radiant mother! XO

Julie Bergquist - Oh Jules. Beautiful.

Elaine Thomas Harris - Oh, my, Julie— I’ve been there for some of those moments. Paige captured them so well. Mostly…I am so touched by the mama that you are to your little girls. I am so very proud of you, darlin’.

Dale Shubert - Magnificent mommy moments. …..wish I had someone capture moments like these……I’m always photographing things……rarely in them……now the kids are teens…..things get busy and aren’t so loose…..need to hug them more I guess…….get that feeling and give it back

MarkAnna Anderson - Julie! your pictures are so beautiful! they are meaningfull!!! not just flowers prety make up and dresses, you show beaty of simple moments of life!! i really adore your phototgraphy

Lauren Penland - Oh my goodness, I am such a sucker for days in the life (or mornings). Lovely!

Michelle Lottner - love love love this!! thank you for sharing!!

Life in the Moment

Even Jesse tells me to put down my camera and be present sometimes.  But only a photographer will understand that for me, looking at life through my lens is being present.  I don’t have to think about the images that I make and the technology has become second nature, so I don’t have to worry […]

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Elaine Thomas Harris - I love these! You captured them!

Jodi Peterson Cox - Beautiful Julie. I just adore these!

Amy Barnard Hughes - Julie, wow. Wow.

Gail Jackson - Precious photos, even more precious daughters. Looking forward to meeting them in May!

Maria Khoroshilova - Beautiful photos! And I always feel as I’m missing on the moment itself if I’m behind the camera. There are just so many things I do want to capture in my everyday life, but each time I’m behind the camera, I feel that I’m missing on a mom side.. Thank you for sharing links to other photographers’ work. I just love these out of life moments. Sweet and precious.

Life in The Moment 3/27/15

  My house is a mess.  A disaster.  I call it CHAOS actually–Cant Have Anybody Over Syndrome.   Last Sunday was supposed to be a day for work–Momo and I had grand plans of cleaning up the yard, front and back and getting our garden ready for some early spring seeds.  Peas, carrots and broccoli were […]

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Meow has only one eye.  Her orange fur is scruffy, sticky and sometimes stinky.  The plush in her limbs and tail have been loved out. Her body has grown thinner, her head floppy.  She’s my daughter’s “lovey” and because of this I love Meow more than any adult should love a stuffed animal.  Meow has […]

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Andrea Shoman-Timmsen - Wow. Needed this today! Thank you!

Alison Christofferson - Both my kids have a “special blanket” that my Mom made for them. When my older daughter was two my step-MIL let her take it to the Zoo and it got lost. Like you, ours was saved by a stranger. I do not kid when I say this event strained my relationship with my MIL for years! I think only those with a child who has a lovey can truly understand. So glad Meow was found! The person who found it was surely a parent, if not a Mom!

Candi Bales Counts - So sweet 🙂 made me tear up

Svatka Schneider - Beautiful.