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Holidays spent with a new baby or child are a completely different animal than those experienced without. Here are some of our holidays spent with our little Moon.

Christmas 2012

Ramona has finally gone down for a nap.  She is all life and non-stop play.  Jesse is in the kitchen cleaning up what has become a monster mess from all the cookie plates, half drunk wine, empty pizza boxes, and loads and loads of recycling from opened presents that have gathered by the back door.  […]

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gillian - ah, julie! i love this post. we are so much alike, even though i haven’t seen you in a million years. let’s try to get our families together some day. really. happy first baby xmas. it’s pretty tremendous, yes? love you.

jan - Oh Julie these are so precious!!! I’ve missed your blog lately .. busy out here in California, but your work and the sharing of your family is a blessing to me. The best to you and your sweet family in 2013!!

The Lyons Parade of Lights

  Three of my most favorite things in the world:  Marching bands, Christmas lights and Candy.  The Lyons Parade of Lights had all three and was such a perfect way to start celebrating the season with Ramona and Jesse.  Little Moon LOVED the lights and the music.  She squealed, kicked and took in every second […]

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First Halloween

It’s pretty ridiculous, I know.  As if Ramona even cares about her bunny suit, or the pumpkin patch, or candy for that matter (actually she’d be pretty into the candy, if we would allow it).  Ramona’s first Halloween is more like our first Halloween–with kids.  Reliving the pumpkin patch, carving a little kitty pumpkin and […]

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Andrea W - I’ve been a long time follower of your blogs and love your photos. I don’t believe I’ve ever commented, but these photos just about broke my heart. You really do have the most perfect little bunny. Thank you for sharing. Absolutely adorable.

Laura Wittrock - hahaha that last picture is priceless! Such a cute bunny rabbit.

Katie Z - love, love, LOVE. Happy Halloween!

Jodi - If you don’t brag…I WILL! She is the cutest thing EVER! I adore you all!XO

Lilly Sue - Adorable photos! I love everyone 🙂 So cute!

Mel - Adorable! Gorgeous pictures, gorgeous baby!

mom - She is by far the cutest bunny I’ve ever seen!! She is so yummy!!

Kourtney - Ramona, you are so adorable. We need to get together.i think Zoryn and you would have so much fun!

Lillian - Thanks for taking us to the Pumpkin Patch!
Happy November and the adventures of Moon…

Anne - These are so fantastic! Cutest little bunny ever! Wish we could have gotten all these little beans together last night!

chrystal - Cutest bunny EVER!

windhound - I saw your Pumpkin Baby on Lily Sue’s blog and had to see more – really gorgeous baby and photos.

Jamie Barry - where on earth did you find that bunny suit? These pictures are KILLING John and me. She is adorable and these are some of the cutest baby pictures I have ever seen of any baby. You guys are such a sweet family. Miss you all. xoxo

URSULA - She is sooo cute!!!!