Baby’s first Spaghetti


What could be better than a spaghetti lunch for a baby?  Playing with spaghetti!  We gave Ramona her first taste of spaghetti today–which quickly turned into Ramona feeding herself the Spaghetti, and then feeding the dogs the spaghetti.  This of course was all followed by a bath in the kitchen sink.  I have to say–if you’re bored and  don’t know what to do on a cold snowy afternoon,  this little food adventure is fun and can occupy a baby for up to an hour. Good times.  Good food.


Alexia - OMG is that one delicious baby or what? Did you train her to pose in just the perfect position for the most adorable pics?

Briana - Love these pictures! Such fun! My favorite is the one of her licking the tray. Thanks for sharing.

mi-mi - I love that messy girl! I love to watch her embrace her live — a new adventure everyday!

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