My life has forever changed. And while the journey began the day Jesse and I decided to take the plunge and become parents, it wasn’t until I laid eyes on my daughter, Ramona Moon (aka Moonshine) that I grew a new heart. I’m crazy, stupid, madly in love with this little girl and being a mama has somehow completed me. I’m more at peace than I’ve ever been–even at 3am in the morning when I’ve put Ramona to bed for the third time and am combing spit up out of my hair. I feel more alive, with so much to look forward to, and am seeing the world in a new “light”. It’s as if I get to relive the last 34 years through the eyes of my precious girl. In an attempt to savor every second and to not miss a breath, I’ve decided to blog this incredible journey. Her life. My life. Our lives. I’ll be pouring my heart out in some posts and cursing in others, but I promise this blog will be an honest journal of a” day in the life of” mama and her little Moonshine.

I’ll be doing most of the blogging but my husband, Jesse, will be chipping in with his own “Papa Moon” posts here and there. And I may also feature other mamas or papas who have their own experiences and insights to offer.

This is a new adventure for me and I am very happy that you’re here. I hope you will visit and comment often!


Julie (Mama Moonshine and owner of Julie Harris Photography)

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Julie Chatham lives in Boulder, Colorado with her family and is a professional wedding and portrait photographer and the owner of Julie Harris Photography.