A Little Dirt…


Mama got a lot of work done in the yard last week thanks to this makeshift sandbox–errr, dirt box?  We are still working on figuring out a sandbox solution, but for now this is really doing the trick.  I mean, HOURS of fun for Ramona.  Be it cold weather in her winter coat, or the nice 70 degree spring days in a onesie, Ramona is game to dig all day in our dirt–and now I have a nice spring till for my herb garden, thanks to her little plastic rake.  At first I worried about her eating the dirt.  And of course she did, and even ingested some vermiculite (which according to the poison control center is harmless in small doses).  But the mouthful of earth and the dirt under her fingernails and in her thigh rolls were all a small price to pay for a couple of hours for me to do my own digging in the yard.  But honestly, the best part about it all is seeing Ramona enjoying some independent play time and perfecting those fine motor-skills.

margie woods brown - I LOVE these!! She is so darned CUTE!! XOXOXO

Jamie - oh my goodness look at her!! She is such a doll! I hope my little girl will help me in the garden this summer too! You’ve got me inspired! miss you julie.

Lillian - Love the capture of her focused work! Grandma

Megan - Holy crap I love these. I want to swim around in those amazing eyes of hers! Plus dirt and kids are just kind of synonymous, right? Just beautiful.

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