A day in the life of… US!

It had been way too long since we had our little family photographed.  Almost a year, in fact.  Luckily, I have a lot of photographer friends who are willing to trade.  I photograph their families, they photograph mine.  This shoot was done by the incredible Jenna Walker.  I asked her to simply come in and photograph “us”–doing what we do.  No need for looking at the camera and posing, no need for pretty light, no need for anything fancy.  Just US.  And she nailed it.  These images sum it up. Thank you, Jenna. We will treasure these forever.  And what a precious a gift to Ramona–she will look back on these in 20 years and know how loved she always was.  xo

Sara Thornton - Such beautiful family pictures, Julie!!!

Mary - So beautiful and natural! Love them!

Liz Vest - She has the sweetest face 🙂
Love her little teeth

Grzegorz - This is how Happiness looks like! Love You!

Jamie Barry - my god, Ramona, I want to meet you SO BAD!! It kills me. Julie–she is STUNNING! These are awesome pictures. Especially the one of the 3 of you in the doorway, and the one of Ramona turning around toward the camera in the red wagon. its actually really hard to pick my favorite. They are totally you guys though. she captured you guys very well. miss you. xoxo

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